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Private fitness training for all abilities


Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a critical part of stroke recovery. Through repetitive exercise we train the brain to re-learn skills lost to us.

We’ve been helping stroke patients get their independence back for over 20 years.


Personal Training

Feel fitter and see results with our entirely personalised, one-to-one training sessions.

We create unique workout plans built around you, and coach you to achieve your fitness goals from our private gym in the heart of Perthshire.

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Injury & Remedial Massage

Treat pain and unlock a multitude of health benefits with remedial massage.

Whether suffering from minor aches and pains, or a serious injury, we practice a variety of remedial massage techniques to aid recovery and rejuvenate blood flow through your body.


Small Group Classes

If you like the atmosphere of a gym class but want the benefit of a 121 workout session, then try our small group classes held weekly at our private gym.

With Karen’s mentoring, coaxing and encouragement I turned 40 fitter than I had been for over 15 years!
Exercise is now part of my life, I see it as a health choice, it requires effort but the confidence, ability and satisfaction received makes it worthwhile.
— Liz C.D.

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