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Catriona Ronald - Personalised Nutrition Services

Live life to its fullest!

Maximise your energy and health with the help of Nutritionist, Catriona Ronald.

  • Tackle a persisting weight problem.

  • Improve symptoms of painful, embarrassing or debilitating health problems.

  • Increase your energy levels.

  • Improve your sleep.

    Nutrition can be the key to resolving these issues and more.

    Catriona Ronald coaches her clients to use nutrition as a way to manage and resolve their health issues. Catriona’s Nutrition Plans are fully personalised to each individual to ensure an effective, realistic and sustainable lifestyle change.


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Nutrition That’s All About You

Nutrition and its link to health is highly personal; no general eating recommendation will work for everyone. 

How individuals respond to nutrition depends on many factors including: age, gender, ethnicity, genetics, metabolism, lifestyle, health problems.  This means that personalised nutrition advice is the only way to ensure optimally beneficial advice for YOU!

Catriona considers all of the factors at play to build an entirely personalised, realistic and sustainable, nutrition plan that tackles your health issues head-on.

Catriona’s approach to nutrition considers your lifestyle, diet, overall health, nutritional needs and even your food preferences.

With her encyclopaedia of nutritional knowledge, she walks you through the relevant food science so you understand why certain foods can aggravate or alleviate your issues.

Her nutrition plans and recipes are as unique as you are, and her approach is totally uplifting.

Operating out of Greengairs Health & Fitness, Catriona provides Nutrition Coaching to the Alyth, Blairgowrie and surrounding Perthshire area.

Qualified Nutritionist


Catriona Ronald is a qualified nutritionist, as recognised and accredited by the Association for Nutrition.

She also has a First Class Honours Degree in Food, Nutrition, and Health - BSc (Hons) Food, Nutrition and Health.

Association for Nutrition

Registered with the Association for Nutrition

Protecting the public and promoting high standards in evidence-based science and

professional practice of nutrition.


Nutrition Services

Start-Up Package (3 Sessions)

For best results, Catriona recommends committing to a minimum of 3 sessions. This gives you time to review and iron out any kinks in the nutrition plan she creates for you.

Session 1- Discovery (60 - 90mins)

To create a nutrition plan that’s truly unique to you, Catriona needs to gather a clear picture of your starting point. In a face to face session, she’ll discuss your health, lifestyle, and diet as well as investigating the trigger issue(s) that brought you to her.

You’ll finish this first session with an initial plan of attack to get you started as well as some key recipes to introduce right away. Catriona will also provide you with a food diary to keep for 3- 7 days, this will highlight nutrition patterns and insight into your diet for when you get together again in session 2.

Session 2 - Action Plan

This is when Catriona will provide your fully personalised nutrition plan.

  • All of your nutrition do’s and don'ts will be clearly outlined in the nutrition plan.

  • Explanation of basic food science principles which apply to your specific issue(s).

  • Amended recipes for 3 of your favourite meals to ensure your favourite foods work within the action plan.

  • A supply of Catriona’s own recipes to give you food inspiration for your newly amended diet.

Session 3 - Follow Up

A follow-up session is included to check in on your progress and tweak any elements of your action plan to improve your body’s response.

Price: £150.00

Follow Up Sessions

Many people benefit from having Catriona coach them long term to really cement the nutritional change into their lifestyle.

Those who opt for ongoing support receive new recipes and meal inspiration at each session as well as direct support from Catriona between sessions either via email or text, whichever is preferred.

Follow up sessions can be purchased in blocks of 3 for a discounted rate.   

  • Bundle of 3 Follow Up Sessions £120.00

  • Individual Follow Up Sessions £47.00

Discovery Session Only

This is perfect for those who want to discuss a particular nutrition issue and receive instant advice and nutritional tips, but do not wish to follow through to a full nutrition plan.


  • In depth discussion of your health, lifestyle and diet. Discussion of your trigger issue(s) that brought you to Catriona.

  • Provision of a 3 - 7 day food diary for you to update and analyse your food habits.

  • Provision of a nutrition action plan - please bear in mind this is provided on the spot so is less detailed and personalised than the nutrition plans provided as part of the Start Up Package.

  • Some of Catriona’s own recipes with extra nutritional tips.

Price £85.00


Alternative Services

Kitchen Shakedown

For those who want a more hands on approach, Catriona will come to your house to run through the contents of your kitchen cupboards with you.

She will provide information about the foods in your cupboards and encourage you to reduce, increase or completely clear out certain items that may have a bearing on  your nutrition problems. She will guide you through an improved list of kitchen essentials. 

Price £40.00 per hour

Cooking with Catriona

Catriona will come to your house and give you a private cooking lesson. She’ll show you simple ways to improve your nutrition and leave you feeling confident with an array of new tasty recipes.

(minimum of 2 hrs)
Price £40.00 per hour


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