Injury & Remedial Massage

Whether you are suffering from minor aches and pains or a serious injury, ease them away with a remedial massage and unlock a multitude of health benefits.

Join us at our private gym and massage facility near Blairgowrie in the heart of Perthshire, where we have been practicing sports injury and remedial massage for over 25 years.

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Advanced Remedial Massage

Advanced Remedial Massage

We use a variety of remedial massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, to dissolve muscle tension relieving you from pain and restoring healthy balance and blood flow across your body.

This is a very effective technique that can be adjusted for any number of injury and medical conditions.  

Benefits of Advanced Remedial and Sports Massage:

  • Alleviates back pain, arthritis, headaches and more

  • Relief for tired, aching muscles

  • Aids rehabilitation after injury, accident or operation

  • Enhances relaxation and general wellbeing

  • Improved posture

  • Mental relaxation

  • Improves flexibility and range of movement

Value: £40 per 1 hour session


Specific Injury Rehabilitation

Specific Injury Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from a long term injury or surgery, suffering from recurring back problems or any other persistent muscular issue then you would greatly benefit from a specific rehab treatment plan.

Using an effective combination of Remedial Massage, Mobilisation, Strengthening and Injury Specific Exercises, we work to relieve pain and increase your range of movement to restore normal function where possible.

This is a tailor-made package where the focus is on rehabilitation and prevention of further problems. Sessions will include sports massage, remedial massage and structured exercises.

Value: £40 per 1 hour session

I suffer from Motor Neurone Disease and was recommended to contact Karen by a friend who has MS.

My acute problems were muscle cramps and stiffness, particularly in my legs. Massage for half an hour initially each week, and thereafter once a fortnight has cured the cramps and relaxed the muscles.

The type of massage needed is not the same as for sports injuries, and Karen adapted her techniques to match exactly what was required. I feel Karen understands what is beneficial for this type of palliative treatment and has the skills to be most effective in delivering her programmes which are focussed on the individual patient’s needs.
— Jim Inglis

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