Holistic Massage Therapies at Greengairs

Holistic Massage therapies focus on the mind, body and spirit. 

Our holistic therapies are complementary to the sports and injury related massage services available at Greengairs because they focus on the body as a whole rather than looking at certain muscle groups in isolation. 

Holistic massage aims to rebalance the body and the mind through the therapeutic application of touch. This is a supportive, relaxing massage for anyone suffering from stress, fatigue or generally low energy levels.


Indian Head Massage

Our Holistic Massage expert, Sandi, offers Indian Head Massage as a remedy to stress and fatigue. 

Indian Head Massage involves therapeutic massage techniques to the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. 

This is a truly relaxing holistic therapy to leave you stress-free and relieved of any physical or emotional tension.

Holistic Massage Services 

  • Indian Head Massage  - £25, ½ hour treatment

  • Thai Hand & Foot Massage - £25, ½ hour treatment

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  - £25, ½ hour treatment 

  • Full Body Massage - £40, 1 hour treatment

  • Hot Stones Massage -  £40, 1 hour & ¼ treatment

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